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Introducing ChallengeList

I’m going to write about a software system, ChallengeList, that I’ll develop. The system is for something called a challenge list, hence the name ChallengeList (tada! ).

A challenge list has been used in my local pool club, together with the other pool players from the club, and the basic principle, should be applicable to just about any sport. I’ll go over the rules later.

My friend Brian also made a challenge list application.  Since Brian’s challenge list hasn’t been used in quite a while, he stopped maintaining it, so I’ll not provide a link. Brian’s challenge list was a webapplication with facebook login. I believe it wasn’t designed or intended to be a generic system for challenge lists. It was designed and intended to support our one specific challenge list, which it did very well.  I observed a thing or two from Brian’s challenge list, that I’ll take into consideration in my ChallengeList.

My purpose of writing about ChallengeList is

  • to show some of my skills as a software developer to potential clients,
  • to examine and play with various technologies, that I do not use in current day-to-day work, and
  • attempt to show a little bit about what software development is about.

You’re welcome to comment on these articles, if perhaps you want to share some insights, have some questions, suggestions, or well… comments.

Bare in mind though, this in something I’m currently doing in my spare time. There are no customers waiting (or paying) for this, and thus there are no hard deadlines.

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